How Reiki Can Help You

Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique that balances the chakras within your body.  When your chakras become unaligned, you may experience disease, dysfunction, and distress.  With a Reiki Master's light touch, your body's natural energy is cleansed and set of a path of healing.  Reiki is now used at many hospitals including Boston's Childrens Hospital and is additionally taught to nurses early in their training education. 

Reiki is a beneficial modality to add to any health regimen or medical treatment.  Distance healing is often an option.  Reiki does not have any adverse side effects, and leaves the person feeling peaceful and at ease.

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Making Art for Your Heart and Health

Having you noticed the plethora of Adult Coloring Books around?  Every store even, supermarkets, sell them.  This is because the latest research says that coloring, knitting, and other art forms are as good for us as meditation!  This is not a surprise to me, however.  I am an art school graduate (BFA, '05) and can attest to the countless times I have lost track of time in my paintings.  I can remember classmates feeling they were closer to God when drawing because of their sublime state of transcendence  Creativity is important for our minds because it can be healing, relaxing, engaging, self-actualizing,  and confidence building.

Heart and Health benefits- When I say heart, I mean the emotional self and the soul.  And health refers to mental and physical health. I created my Creative Moms Group because it allow moms to access their creative side while connecting with other moms   When moms can connect and relax, babies and families can function with strength and ease.

Be Well

This is a page dedicated to health and wellness topics that are thought provoking and relevant in today's world.  Read on - You may just learn something new!

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Massage and Headaches

Headaches can range from annoying to debilitating.   They can stop you from doing your job and make you miserable.  Some of the most painful headaches are called Cluster Headaches (which are pretty rare) and Migraines.   As you probably know, Migraine suffers can sometimes feel one coming on, and know what the triggers are.  The less-severe but still painful Headache has many causes.  Hangovers, lack of caffeine, and brain freeze to name a few.  Muscle tension from poor posture is one of the more common culprits of headaches.  

The Tension Headache.

​These bad boys pop up often and a couple of ibuprofin can help you feel better fast.  But your body does not get better.  Its a quick fix to get you through that late meeting or through making dinner for the family.  The muscles in the upper and lower neck are a hub for trigger points and are part of the headache problem.  Trigger points are "knots" in your muscle that refer a tingling, numbness or pain to a different area of the body.  This means that your daily activities, repetitive motions, and posture could be causing trigger points to form and giving you headaches (or shoulder pain, or leg pain, etc.)  TP's do not simply vanish.  They need help!  


One 2002 study shows that consistent weekly massages dramatically reduces the level of pain in chronic tension headaches.

Continued studies from 2008-2009 reveal that massage can: 

  • Reduce Duration
  • Reduce Perceived Pain
  • Reduce Headache Frequency
  • Reduce Medication use
  • Increase Range of Motion in Neck

If you have extreme or sudden headaches seek a diagnosis from a physician.


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