What People are Saying

"Nurture Massage and Wellness is a hidden gem tucked inside an industrial-looking building on New Ocean Street in Swampscott.  Here's a hint: enter around back, go up a short flight of stairs and take a right.  The studio itself is clean and cozy, and, the owner, Becky's, intrinsic warmth is apparent as soon as she greets you with a smile and a water. Don't let Becky's small frame fool you - she is quite strong for her size! Whether you desire a deep-tissue muscle beating or a gentle relaxation massage, Becky will be able to accommodate your every whim and desire.   In addition to being extremely reasonably priced, Becky is also quite knowledgeable regarding sports injuries, muscle inflammation, and the ways in which massage along with physical therapy can help rehab the body.  A massage is my ultimate indulgence, something I bestow as a gift to myself every few weeks.  I always leave Becky feeling relaxed and re-energized.  I know you will too!" -Nancy D. ​ ​

"I loved getting my massage!   29 weeks and counting! I can't wait until my next one."​  -Natalie M.

"Becky is the best massage therapist I have ever had! She is reasonably priced, extremely friendly and the pressure of her massage is out of this world. Becky is about a 3+ she has extremely strong hands but will always make you feel comfortable and will adjust the pressure to your request. She is a pleasure to spend an hour and is respectful to the type of atmosphere you desire, whether you love to chat during a massage or sleep she is your girl! She will work with anyone's needs and requests, my foot is always swollen and inflamed since I broke it last year, Becky works with me and my injury and always finds special lotions to help with my swelling.
Becky is wonderful and I recommend her 100%!"   -Marina G. ​

"Becky's massage helped my back  feel good despite sitting at a desk all day."    - Roman F. 

"​I started going to Becky for prenatal massage when I was 6 months pregnant and continued up until a right before I gave birth. Becky not only gives a fantastic massage (perfect amount of pressure, very attentive to my needs and accommodating), but also gives an incredible prenatal massage. She has a child herself so she understands exactly when and where a position may be uncomfortable and always worked with me to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. Her massage was the ultimate pregnancy break and I feel that seeing Becky as well as going to a chiropractor were both a huge part of the reason why I had such an easy and great pregnancy. I would highly recommend Becky's massage to anyone, pregnant or not, but would especially recommend her to any pregnant woman at any stage of pregnancy.  Thank you Becky."     -Kirsty Y.