Prenatal Massage

Certified Prenatal Massage is safe to receive for the majority of uncomplicated pregnancies.  Ask your doctor if massage is safe if you are experiencing any complications.

First  Trimester (weeks 1- 13)

Massage in the first trimester is similar to massage not pregnant.  Your position on the table is most flexible now because the fetus is safely protected by your pelvis.  Everything is adapted for your comfort.  Massage can sometimes relieve a queasy stomach if mother has morning sickness.Of course, if the mother has intense morning sickness, she may want to wait until these symptoms have vanished. 

Second Trimester (weeks 14 - 27)

During this exciting time when mother starts to show, positions on the massage table become more limited.  Benefits to her and baby include:  steadier blood pressure to her and baby, and her breathing; healthier immune system and emotional states.  Using massage to counter postural changes will support her healthy pregnancy.

Third Trimester (weeks 28 - 40+)

Water retention, or edema, is a common complaint in this trimester. 75% of women report having some degree of swelling!  The swelling can also put pressure on nerves and trigger pain or numbness in the hands, legs, and feet.  Massage is a helpful way to manage these symptoms until they permanently leave after baby's arrival.

Structural imbalances and strain are caused by the additional belly weight and loosening of ligaments.  Prenatal massage is a wonderful, medicine-free way to relieve the pain and Receiving massage therapy practices the mama-to-be's ability to relax and let go.  This is very beneficial for her, especially in the last two months of pregnancy.  It will help her mentally and physically know to relax and let go during the incredible journey of labor.  

Massage for Baby

Where the baby is your partner, we offer classes to teach parents all about Infant Massage.  From oils to history, the techniques and current research, you will be amazed at the wonders of Infant Massage.

Click here for upcoming class info.

Postpartum Massage

Mothering the Mother

Any woman who experienced pregnancy and childbirth are postpartum for the rest of their lives!  Though, as she heals and family adjusts, the first few months can be especially challenging.

As a new mother, massage can help her adjust to hew "new normal".  In addition to helping her be relieved of residual pain and cramps,  a non-judgmental, nurturing ear can help her feel grounded and calm during this emotional time.

Your baby is welcome to be present during a postpartum massage.


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Easily accessible in Swampscott, Certified Prenatal Massage is a wonderful way to  care for a new mom.  Nurturing her throughout the 9+ months is proven to help the outcome of the birth and beyond.

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